(fACEs) – Témoignage de Christophe Marsaud

Découvrez le témoignage de l’un de nos stagiaires qui a suivi une formation en anglais en nos locaux.

Christophe Marsaud a suivi une formation en anglais chez ACE Training durant 3 mois et demi.
Lorsque nous lui avons demandé s’il aimerait faire un témoignage pour vous faire partager ses impressions sur les formations sur-mesure que nous proposons, il a été tellement enthousiaste, qu’il l’a rédigé en anglais. Nous vous le dévoilons ci-dessous sans aucune modification. Bonne lecture !

PS : depuis Christophe a retrouvé un emploi. Nous sommes très heureux pour lui 🙂

On the road to performance

At the end of last year, after having had several job interviews and consulted lots of job advertisements for the position of Supply Chain manager, I understood that to succeed my new professional challenge in the world of logistics I had to get both the level B2 in English language and a factual proof of my level ; the TOEIC exam with 785 points.

So, with the help of Pole Emploi I made an action plan :

First, I practiced English with a training center in Evreux to review all grammar. At the end of this cession I took TOEIC exam without any preparation. My score was 535 points. I realised I was very far from my goal and that I would have to go on to work even harder to succeed.

Second, I really improved my English level in oral and written understanding at the ACE Training centre in Vernon. During 4 months thanks to excellent English courses and the support of a very competent team of trainers, I improved my conversation level and prepared for the TOEIC exam. On September 6th I took the TOEIC exam for the second time ; three and a half months after my first attempt. And… I am very happy, having got the score of 785 points

After eight months of effort with 6 hours a day of practicing and learning English I am very proud to have achieved my goal. So, it means officially I have got the level B2. It’s fantastic and wonderful for me.

Conclusion : when we want we can !!!! with motivation, enjoy and work all is possible. It’s a question of will. It was important for me to give myself means to carry out my actions plan. The secret: a very performant training centre !!!

Now with this skill on my CV I hope to find quite rapidly a job as Supply Chain manager.