So, you’re due to take the TOEIC® (Test of English for International Communication). Seen very much as a holy grail, this test is a passport to success for obtaining your diploma, getting into the university of your dreams or improving your job prospects … as long as your score is good enough. How does increasing your TOEIC score by 150 points* in one week sound to you? With ACE Training, it’s possible!

First of all, what is the TOEIC®?

The TOEIC® is a certification which provides indisputable proof of your level of business English. With more than 7 million people taking the TOEIC® each year, the test is enjoying exponential growth. Indeed, it’s currently the language test most commonly used by companies and France’s most prestigious higher education institutions (engineering, business, MBA schools). However, simply taking the test is not enough. It’s important to get the highest score possible and very often the objective is 785 points. Why this score? Far from being a random choice, this level corresponds to a B2 upper-immediate level of English. Preparing the TOEIC® is therefore essential if you want to maximise your chances of success.

What’s the best way to prepare for the TOEIC®?

Do you need to take the TOEIC®? Do you need to obtain at least 785 points? Here are a few tips to help you get ready.

Tip no. 1: Be curious

The design of the TOEIC® is based on a unique model. For each test, the structure is identical in terms of the duration, number of exercises, type of questions and themes. Doing your research beforehand to find out the details of the exam will give you a head start and, most importantly, help you remain unflustered once you’re taking the test under exam conditions.

Tip no. 2: Be methodical

Successfully passing the TOEIC® is also a question of applying a specific method. That’s why taking an intensive training course delivered by experts in this exam can really boost your chances of success. The course will arm you with specific tools for preparing the TOEIC®. Every day at ACE Training you’ll receive targeted training with our TOEIC® experts who will give you all the advice and handy tips you need to help you pass your test with flying colours.

Tip no. 3: Be strategic

Getting a good score in the TOEIC® is possible for everyone, if you adopt the right strategy. Be clear with your objective: what is the minimum score required of you? What goal have you set yourself? We recommend that you start by assessing your level and identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Then, choose which strategy to adopt: reinforce your strengths or improve on your weaknesses.

Why does the test require specific preparation?

Running a marathon or sprinting 100 metres do not require the same aptitudes, nor therefore the same preparation. The same goes for the TOEIC®. It’s important to undertake specific preparation to make sure you’re as ready as you can be. At ACE Training, we offer one or two weeks of intensive training to ensure you have every chance of succeeding. To find out more about our programme or to book your place on our next course, contact us now!
* Average progress observed in the 50 trainees who attended one-week intensive TOEIC® preparation courses with ACE Training between June 2018 and January 2019.