Communicate with confidence in a foreign language

formation langue étrangère

The need to speak a foreign language goes without saying. Many companies require their employees to be at ease speaking in all situations and writing work-related documents.   

Our aim is to provide you with the operational support you need to develop your skills to be able to work in a foreign language, whether that be in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese …

Our training programmes are pragmatic and place the emphasis on oral exchanges in order to help you (re)gain confidence in your ability to understand and be understood : on the telephone, in negotiations, during meetings, giving presentations, writing emails, etc.

Our expertise lies in the construction and delivery of personalised and multi-modal pathways to offer you the most suitable package and meet your requirements of both results and cost control:

  • individual face-to-face training
  • training in mini-groups
  • distance training: telephone, Skype or videoconference
  • themed workshops : fluency, professional communication, job-interviews …
  • TOEIC® preparation week and sitting of the test (Language proficiency exams)
  • E-learning, available in 5 languages, with more than 1 000 hours of interactive training
  • training delivered in-house or at our premises
  • intensive or extensive training

By the end of your language training, you will have:

  • gained in fluencyformation langue étrangère
  • acquired or reinforced the skills required for your job
  • improved your listening comprehension to be able to understand your contacts, whatever their accent
  • practised real-life situations through telephone calls, conference calls, videoconferences presentation, job interviews, etc.
  • developed the necessary fluency and vocabulary to be able to hold everyday conversations, travel abroad, etc.

You will thereby be able to express yourself with greater ease and confidence.

We offer different methods of financing the training through the DIF/CPF, the CIF, your company’s training plan, Pôle Emploi or personal financing.

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A unique training approach

Formation en langue

Each of our training programmes draws on your working environment and your expectations. All the content is adapted to your own real-life situations at work. The bespoke pathways are constructed with experts from your profession.

Our trainers teach in their native language or are bilingual. They have a natural talent for pedagogy, are creative and dynamic. Moreover, they have all previously enjoyed successful careers in varied sectors (marketing, sales, logistics, hospitality, etc.) enabling them to work with you on very specific subjects.

ACE Training is a human-sized company. We know all our trainees ; we are close to you. You can be assured that you will receive personalised support and guidance. You are at the heart of our approach: your specificities deserve a bespoke service ; your success is our priority.

We aim for excellence by reinventing the pedagogical approach through a unique and engaging methodology and content.

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