Julie Parisot ACE Training

Julie. She works both in the shadows and in the spotlight. Indeed, when wearing her Pedagogical Advisor hat, Julie operates behind the scenes with the team of trainers to define the best pedagogical approaches and reassure trainees about their progress. However, she also takes centre stage in her role as our English, French and French as a Foreign Language (FLE) trainer.

Discover the portrait of our Pedagogical Advisor and Trainer.

French nationality (although if you heard her accent, you’d be forgiven for thinking she was a native English speaker from across the Atlantic).

Joined ACE Training in January 2014.

Julie, tell us a bit about yourself. 

From a professional perspective, I have:

  • a Master’s degree in English and the DAEFLE (FLE teaching qualification) from the Alliance Française
  • taken part in writing workshops
  • taken a language coaching course with a neurosciences approach.

I was born and raised near Toulon, on the Mediterranean coast, and I’m still very much a southern girl at heart.

Where does your passion for languages come from? 

During my studies I discovered a real fascination for languages. I loved to study them, all their idiosyncrasies and especially literature which for me is one of the most ambitious and marvellous uses of a language. I have also discovered, thanks to ACE Training, that I have a talent and a real passion for passing on this pleasure and enthusiasm for learning a foreign language to other people.

Before joining this language training centre, I had already had some teaching and professional training experience. For example, I worked as a French teaching assistant in schools in Scotland. I also lived and worked for 4 years in Vancouver (Canada). Among other things, this experience allowed me to discover what it’s like to work with different cultures. This has stood me in good stead for ACE Training where there are no fewer than 10 nationalities.

What do you like most about your job?

The client relationship has always been my main focus throughout my career. Over the years, I have realised that the fundamental thing at the heart of all relationships is the human factor. I still find the first session with my trainees magical. I like the exchanges which enable us to identify together the spark which has ignited their desire to embark on a training course. 

My job is to fuel this motivation in a positive way, and to create the actions and dynamics that will ensure a successful outcome for every training course. Everyone I meet brings with them a wealth of experiences which are just waiting to be expressed. To be present alongside the trainees and provide them with the tools to grow in confidence and move forward in their life, and to be able to witness this evolution is an incredible honour. 

What is your role as Pedagogical Advisor? 

I mainly deal with requests and queries from other trainers, especially our new recruits. Together we look at training techniques such as the simulation of real-life workplace situations, or how to organise a session to meet the trainee’s needs or to address a particular difficulty encountered. I am also responsible for creating the content for our themed workshops and intensive training weeks. My role is to be the contact person for trainees. They are encouraged to get in touch with me whenever they want feedback or reassurance about their progress.

What is the main criterion for an effective training course?

The main driver is the trainee’s motivation. This is a concept which I learned more about during my Neurolanguage® training. You have to help your trainees adopt a mindset whereby they want to learn, they are open and calm, patient and comfortable. Many didn’t enjoy English at school. Many are nervous about speaking English in a business context. 

So right at the beginning, it’s important to find their source of motivation as quickly as possible to help them change their attitude so they don’t see this training or these lessons as a burden or a “thorn in their side”, but as something positive and stimulating, an opportunity for them to grasp.

What do you enjoy doing outside work? 

Anything and everything to do with art. In particular, I have an ‘inherited’ passion for the heritage and historic monuments of every country I visit. I also have a passion for animals, nature and their protection and enjoy trekking, snowshoeing and snorkelling.

Which three words would you use to describe a training course at ACE Training?

 engaging – stimulating – relevant

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