Immersion: accelerate your language learning

immersion langue adulte

English is the universally spoken language in international companies. The command of another language is a major plus for your CV, your career or your job search. The courses we offer abroad enable you to boost your language skills while discovering another culture and country.

An immersion course is the most effective way to progress ; not only to improve your fluency but also to socialise and communicate with proficiency and confidence.

Do you need to improve quickly? We can organise an immersion course in one of our partner centres in Great Britain or in our own centre in Normandy, completed by a stay in an English or French family’s home. The centres specialise in training adults seeking to improve their communication in the workplace or for leisure.

Immersion courses offer a number of benefits:

  • Quick and effective progress thanks to daily practice of the language
  • Simulation of real-life workplace situations
  • The ideal environment to learn more about the language and culture of the country

Total immersion and progress guaranteed, whatever your starting level.

The immersion courses we offer are suitable for everyone. If you are disabled, contact us to know how we can adapt to your needs.

Various financing methods are available: CPF (personal training account), company training plan, assistance via Pôle Emploi or personal financing. If you would like more information or wish to receive a personalised quote, contact us now!

Your bespoke immersion course abroad

The success of your immersion training depends on the detailed analysis of your objectives to help you select the most appropriate centre and course for you.

Our immersion programmes start on the Monday of your choice and last for anything from one to eight weeks. They are made up of 15 to 35 hours of intensive training each week and around 25 hours informally (lunches with other trainees, conversations with your host family, outings with the trainers, etc).

We offer the following destinations: the heart of Oxford, Oxford, Vernon-Normandy, Edinburgh and London. All share the same impeccable quality of service and results.

All our immersion courses include the following services:

Before your departure :

  • Assessment of your level by our team
  • Analysis of your needs and objectives
  • Assistance with the creation of your CPF dossier if required
  • Assistance with your travel arrangements
  • Provision of a booklet containing all the useful information

During your journey :

  • You can contact us at any time during your journey if you require assistance or have any questions.

During your immersion course :

  • Telephone contact upon your arrival in your host family’s home or at the hotel
  • Telephone contact during the week to check how everything is going
  • Regular contact between ACE Training and your training centre in Great Britain
  • Change of programme, family or minor adjustments if necessary

After your immersion course :

  • Assessment of your level using the TOEIC®, Linguaskill®, LILATE®, or BRIGHT® test
  • End-of-training report
  • Certificate of attendance & training certificate
  • Satisfaction questionnaire

The following services are not included in the package :

  • Return transport from your home to the training centre
  • Your daily return journeys from your host family or your hotel to the training centre
  • Your lunch
  • Your meals if you are staying in a hotel (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Any excursions and activities not included in the training programme
  • Your insurance

Immersion training at the heart of Oxford

Work effectively in English

If you are looking for a real cultural melting pot, this destination is made for you! The centre welcomes trainees from all across the world each week.

On the programme:

  • Intensive professional English training with an additional 25 hours of informal conversations during the breaks, the time spent with the host family and the outings organised in the evening by the trainers.
  • Guided tour of the city, museum visits, evenings at the pub

The course aims to equip you with the tools to be able to work effectively in English in an international context.

immersion coeur Oxford
Immersion Oxford

Immersion in Oxford

Feel at ease communicating in English

The centre is just a ten-minute walk from the colleges of Oxford University. Trainees aged for the most part between 18 and 35 attend courses here every week and appreciate the studious, friendly and dynamic atmosphere.

On the programme:

  • Intensive English training: one-to-one tuition, group classes and workshops for improving the spoken language are offered depending on your needs
  • 25 to 30 hours of informal conversations during the breaks, time spent with the host family and outings organised in the evening by the trainers.
  • Guided tour of the city, museum visits, evenings at the pub, sports activities, barbecues

At the end of your immersion training you will have the tools to feel more at ease and more confident in communicating in English in an international context.

Immersion in Normandy

Your coaching in English or in French

If you are looking for a small and friendly centre in which to perfect your English or your French, then Vernon is the ideal place. Situated between Paris and Rouen, it welcomes just a handful of trainees each week in order to offer the ultimate bespoke language-learning experience.

On the programme:

  • Intensive professional English or French training with themes such as active participation in meetings, negotiations and giving clear and convincing presentations
  • Language lunches with a trainer
  • Informal conversations with your welcoming English or French host family (depending on the programme you choose).
Immersion Edimbourg

Immersion in Edinburgh

Exceptional value for money

Improve your English at the heart of the Scottish capital. A friendly, relaxed atmosphere awaits.

On the programme:

  • Intensive English training with Scottish and English trainers
  • One-to-one tuition, group classes and communication workshops
  • A weekly coaching session to assess your progress
  • A vast programme of informal activities: guided tours of the city, museum visits, evenings at the pub

Immersion in London

Make the most of an international environment

What better way to perfect your English than an immersion at the heart of the English capital? Trainees come from the world over : company managers, engineers, executives…

On the programme:

  • Intensive English training
  • Mini group classes, one-to-one tuition, multicultural exchanges and communication workshops
  • A programme of informal activities: tours of the city’s different districts, museums, relaxing at the pub
Immersion Londres