cours d’anglais

How about (re)starting English lessons in 2020? 

It’s a new year! And on 1st January, just like you do every year (or almost!), you make the resolution to do some sport. You buy some new trainers. You sign up for the gym. You set yourself the goal to go 3 times a week. You keep it up for a few weeks (kind of…) and then you go twice a week, then once, then…well, you get the picture!

So, will the same be true for your resolution to learn English? We often start off very determined but just can’t seem to keep it going. Why not?

Because our brain needs to find reasons, motivations, to make it put in the effort, whether that be physical or intellectual. When we (re)start a physical activity after a long period of inactivity, we feel tired, our body doesn’t respond in the way we want it to. However, by doing it regularly we finally feel comfortable and, more importantly, begin to enjoy it. It is precisely then that it stops being an obligation and becomes a need.

It’s exactly the same process when learning a language. We have to be able to get beyond the first few sessions. You know, that notorious session where we get the impression we don’t understand anything? The one where everything gets all muddled up in our brain? The one where the words get stuck in our throat when we try to speak? So how do we overcome these early obstacles and keep at it? The answer is simple: with the help of a coach!

How can we make sure we progress quickly?

To make sure you stick to your resolution to take language lessons, being supported by an expert and inspiring trainer is essential. This is exactly the approach taken by ACE Training.

Here are a few tips to get started:

  1. Set yourself a goal: to be able to do an interview in English, improve your pronunciation, travel independently in an English-speaking country, take an active part in a discussion, score 785 in the TOEIC…. Taking a placement test before you start training will ensure that your goal is feasible.
  2. Set aside time: nobody can run a marathon after just a few training sessions! The same is true for learning a foreign language. It requires memorisation, practice… Planning self-study sessions as well as lessons with your trainer is essential.
  3. Reward yourself: buy yourself a nice notebook for your notes, book a weekend in London to practise what you’ve learned… Stay motivated by giving yourself rewards.
  4. Measure your progress: take every opportunity you can to speak with native speakers so that you can see how the English language, irregular verbs and ‘false friends’ have become second nature to you. Re-do an exercise you’ve already done and congratulate yourself on making fewer mistakes, take a mock TOEIC paper.
  5. Be confident: forget about any negative experiences you might have had in English lessons at school. Here at ACE Training you are free to ask questions, your programme is unique and adapted to your needs. You are the main player in your training. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. You will feel comfortable and ready to take up your new challenges and keep your 2020 resolution!


So, what are you waiting for? Just go for it!