formation sur-mesure langues étrangères

A bespoke approach to your language training

Finding foreign language training to suit your objectives is not as an easy one. We have always been conscious that there are as many different needs as there are people to train. That is why at ACE Training all our foreign language training courses are tailored to you. You are thereby guaranteed a personalised training course in line with your expectations.

Our approach is 100% personalised:

– definition of your needs and objectives

– bespoke programme with individual content

– readjustment of content if necessary

Our objective is to equip you with skills you can immediately transfer to your workplace ensuring you become operational as quickly as possible.


How does it work?

Before beginning your foreign language training, there are three essential steps to take:

Step 1: Analysis of your level

You are invited to take a test designed by ACE Training to determine:

– your level of oral and written comprehension and expression

– your grammar and vocabulary knowledge

– your fluency

All the data are represented in the form of histograms providing a clear view of your strengths and weaknesses as well as their evolution. Don’t panic, all the tests are conducted in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere!


Step 2: Needs analysis

The aim is for us to understand your job, your needs (the professional skills and linguistic knowledge you are looking to acquire) as well as your professional project. Combined with the analysis of your level, this enables us to tailor your training pathway and identify your own specific objectives.


Step 3: Your individual training plan

The plan is established on the basis of:

– the needs analysis

– the assessment of the level of professional skills and linguistic knowledge

It then incorporates all the objectives while respecting the budget and timing. We send you a copy of the plan for your validation and can adjust it if necessary.


Methods adapted to each objective

We believe that you are not only the main player and driving force in your training, but also a key resource for your trainer. That is why we encourage you to bring work documents or materials that you consider to be useful for your training.

Our pedagogical approach is pragmatic and based on the simulation of real-life workplace situations. Your trainer is selected depending on the professional skills you are aiming to develop.

Your sessions can take different forms:

– individual face-to-face training

– individual training by telephone, Skype or videoconference

– group sessions: face-to-face or by videoconference

– themed workshops with other trainees with similar job profiles and levels

– a package combining several types of training

At the end of each session, you receive written feedback. To ensure optimal progression, the ACE Training trainers will adjust the pedagogical content if necessary, depending on the progress made. Some training courses are supplemented with access to our E-learning platform with interactive exercises allowing you to consolidate the points seen during the sessions.

All the pedagogical materials are provided by us. The content is varied and adapted to your objectives and your level. We use a lot of workplace documents, simulation of real-life situations and role playing.

Results to equal your expectations

We pride ourselves in the quality of our training. By way of demonstration:

– we have held OPQF Quality certification since 2009

– our trainers are experienced and selected for their teaching experience, their language skills as well as their professional expertise.

– we cover diverse business fields: Production, Quality, Logistics, Transport, Import-Export, Administrative Support, Human Resources, Communication, Marketing, Sales, Finance, IT and Tourism.

To find the training course tailored to suit you, contact us now!