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Supporting Pink October, a cause close to our hearts

4 dogs, 67 runners, 3 coaching workshops… On the face of it, completely unrelated and yet they all have something in common: their commitment to the cause!

This year, ACE Training once again held a variety of events in support of two charities: “Pink October’ and “Nos Enfants Cardiaques”. Supporting research and helping to improve care for patients and their families are worthy causes we’re always keen to champion.

What are the goals of these associations?

“Pink October”, with its symbolic pink ribbon, is an annual communication campaign aimed at raising awareness of the importance of breast cancer screening. This campaign also raises funds for research. Promoting screening is essential as it helps to detect breast cancers at an early stage, potentially saving thousands of lives.

Nos Enfants Cardiaques” brings together parents of children with heart problems and members of the healthcare team of Saint-Luc university hospital in Brussels. Its aim is to improve the wellbeing of children with heart defects and to support their families.


Everyone onboard for a month of fun(d)-raising

Throughout October, ACE Training organised a series of events in support of these two causes.

From 12 to 16 September:

To kick things off, we decided to add a little pink to our lives! We invited all our trainees and our team to wear something pink. Some came dressed head to toe in the colour while others opted for a few pink accessories. A fun and simple way of introducing the month of Solidarity.

Until 18 October:

Every year “Pink October” organises a fun run to collect donations. This year, this event couldn’t take place because of the Covid-19 restrictions. We therefore made a few adjustments (agility is in our DNA!) and invited participants to run for Pink October differently. The 67 people who signed up created 11 teams. They chose the date, place and route of their run. They each took a photo or video of themselves. For each participant, a €5 donation was made to the association and for every kilometre covered, we made an extra donation of 1 euro.

From 23 October:

We promoted our partnership with Aloé Smile & Co, a local company which sells products made from Aloe Vera. For every kit purchased, an identical kit was given to a patient. The objective: to give a little wellbeing!


29 October:
We organised a special day comprising 3 workshops:

o A home staging workshop
o A sophrology workshop
o A “how to define a goal” workshop

Professional coaches shared some valuable tips to favour wellbeing and relaxation. Participants were invited to make a small donation and all the money collected was given to the two associations.

Thanks to all these activities, we managed to raise a total of €1008.50 for the two causes. Together we are stronger and can help to give hope to women with breast cancer and children with a heart defect. Thank you to everyone who took part in “Pink October 2020”. We’ll see you again next year to take it even further!