stagiaire ACE Training

At ACE Training we are proud to give opportunities to young people preparing to enter the world of work. We regularly welcome students on work experience placements lasting several weeks as well as apprentices on 2-year block release courses. These young adults may be studying for their vocational high school certificates or advanced diplomas, specialising in a variety of office management and business-related subjects.

We adapt the work placements depending on each student’s particular course and objectives, giving them specific missions on both the administrative and commercial side of the business to allow them to gain broad insights into the world of work. Each student is supervised by a tutor, chosen according to their profile.

To find out more, we invited two students on work placements at ACE Training to share their impressions with us.

Hello Paul and Faresse, could you tell us a little about yourselves?

Faresse: Hello, I’m in my second to last year at Lycée Saint Agnès high school, specialising in administrative management, and I’m doing a 6-week work placement here at ACE Training.

Paul: Hello, I’m in the same class as Faresse and I’m also here doing a 6-week placement with ACE Training.

Why did you want to do your work placement at ACE Training?

Paul: We wanted to do our work placement at ACE Training because we know several students in their final year at our school who had the opportunity to do their internship here in this training centre. They shared their experience with us and it really made us want to apply here.

What kind of tasks have you been given at Ace Training?

Faresse: At ACE Training we’ve been given several, very different missions which have enabled us to get a global vision of the different jobs people do here at ACE Training. Missions such as:

  • Helping to write a blog article
  • Carrying out administrative tasks
  • Greeting the trainees

Have you enjoyed this first experience of the world of work at ACE Training?

Paul: This first professional experience has been exactly what we were looking for. ACE Training has made us feel so welcome and comfortable in this environment which was all very new for Faresse and me.

Given the current pandemic, how has everything been organised?

Faresse: ACE has adapted to the different restrictions. For example, some days we’ve been working remotely, supervised by Nina Williams who gives us tasks to do and then contacts us by videoconference so we can report back on our day. This has enabled us to learn a different way of working and we find that very rewarding.

What 3 words would you use to describe ACE Training?

Paul and Faresse: The 3 words we think best describe ACE Training are:

  • 04Professional
  • Good at listening
  • Responsive

Thank you, Paul and Faresse. We wish you all the best for your future studies!