ACE Training, your language training partner

For over 15 years, we have been using our skills to help you develop yours. Our aim is to deliver tailored, high-quality services including:

  • training courses primarily in English, Spanish and German
  • FLE (French as a Foreign Language) and French
  • language audit and consultancy services for company training plans and recruitment activities
  • translation services in 25 languages, with sworn translations for official documents provided where requested
  • preparation and organisation of TOEIC®, Linguaskill®, LILATE® and Bright® language proficiency exams

Why choose us?

A bespoke approach to your language training

Our mission is to equip you with the necessary language skills to allow you to seize new opportunities. We offer a unique, tailored and operational approach and work with you on four levers which we believe reflect our core values:

Formation en langues


Working in a spirit of constructive exchange and personalized support in order to optimise your performance.


Creating a training pathway which evolves in line with your progress and a schedule which takes into account your constraints.


Providing training which equips you with the necessary tools and simulates real-life situations to help you become operational in your workplace.

At the heart of our methodology: listening carefully to your needs.

  • placement test
  • analysis of your language needs
  • factoring in of your constraints
  • a training plan co-designed with you
  • personalized programme created for you
  • continuous monitoring of your progress

OPQF quality certification: recognition of our expertise

We were the first training organisation specializing in languages in the Eure region of France to be awarded OPQF certification, a reflection of our professionalism and the quality of the language training we provide. Obtained in 2009 and renewed at every audit since, this qualification is based on the analysis of the approaches and methods we have always implemented. Four objective criteria are taken into account:

  • The respect of relevant regulations
  • The sustainability of human, material and financial resources
  • The capacity to analyse a need and design, execute, assess and duplicate a training action
  • Trainee satisfaction

The qualification is issued by the ISQ (Intellectual Services Qualification), an impartial, independent and rigorous organisation. 

ACE Training is also

  • listed on DATADOCK
  • accredited by ETS to prepare and organise certification exams (TOEIC®, TOEIC Bridge®, TFI®)
  • accredited by Linguaskill®, LINGUEO® and Bright Language® to organise Linguaskill, LILATE and Bright exams at our premises and remotely

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